What is HTMA?

(Hair Trace Mineral Analysis)

Are you ready to...

Feel great in your body, have more energy and experience less symptoms?

HTMA can give you the real data you need about your specific body to guide your decision making when it comes to what to address first when trying to get the results you're looking for.

Why are minerals important?

Minerals are the foundation, the energy system, the spark plugs, of the body. They are crucial for hundreds of processes in the body. If they are out of balance, your whole body is out of balance. HTMA shows us where exactly those imbalances are so that we can then use dietary, lifestyle and environmental changes to get the imbalances corrected.

Once mineral levels and ratios are corrected, energy and stamina are restored and the body is able to begin healing other issues on its own.

You will experience more energy and less symptoms!

Symptoms you may experience
when minerals are out of balance:

-- Fatigue ​

-- Difficulty sleeping

-- Difficulty concentrating/brain fog

-- Depression/anxiety

-- Unstable moods

-- Digestive issues

-- Blood sugar issues

-- Thyroid problems

-- Low/high blood pressure

-- Inflammation

-- Headaches/migraines

-- Joint pain

-- Muscle cramps

-- Low libido

-- Bad PMS

-- Irregular periods

-- Poor immune health

-- Skin problems

HTMA is an amazing tool to give us actual data to use when making changes to diet, lifestyle, and environment. 

Rather than guessing at what to try first, it gives actual information about your specific body to guide your decisions on what to work on first.

Having this information saves so much time and so much money because you KNOW what needs to be addressed.

You deserve to feel great in your body!

It's time get some real answers about your mineral status so you have a plan for how to achieve

your goals for your health and wellness!

It's time for you to:

...Wake up feeling energized
...Obtain your ideal weight and be able to maintain it
...Stop suffering from aches and pains
...Feel a zest for life again
...Forge a new path with your health
...Have that glowing complexion of your youth
...Have regular periods without the annoying PMS                    symptoms
...Experience clear thinking and get your memory back
...Stop experiencing a host of digestive issues
...Regulate your blood sugars

I don't know about you, but when I'm in my 80's, I want to have this kind of energy and feel this great!

How about you??

HTMA can give you the road map to get there by giving you the details of your mineral status so you can stay on top of maintaining mineral balance, which leads to a body full of energy and one that can heal itself and have less symptoms.

** Please note, HTMA is only available to residents of the United States. Unfortunately, due to state laws regarding Direct Access Testing, HTMA is not available to residents of the state of New York. **

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