Get to know me!

Hi there! My name is Trish, and I am a Certified Health & Wellness Coach and Certified Holistic Nutritionist. I am also trained in interpretation of HTMA (Hair Trace Mineral Analysis) and often use this low-cost, non-invasive functional medicine test to give my clients and I actual data to use when developing a plan of action to achieve their goals.

My passion is to help women thrive and feel great in their bodies with more energy and less symptoms by addressing lifestyle and diet in a simple, yet sustainable way.

I know first hand how hard and overwhelming it can be to make changes to your life. It is so much easier to just continue doing what is familiar to us.

  • Why would I want to put in the time and effort to research better options?
  • What if I can't find better options that are easily accessible to me?
  • What if I can't afford better options?
  • I just don't have the time or energy to devote to the changes necessary to be healthy.

These are all questions I hear from individuals who WANT to live healthier lifestyles but are on the fence with actually getting started. Or they are the excuses used by some individuals who just simply say, "I can't do it."

I had those same questions myself at one time.

I have learned from experience with myself, and working with others, that the key is baby steps, one portion of one thing at a time. I specialize in working with you to develop a plan of action, an easy-to-follow playbook, if you will, for taking the dive and starting out on your wellness journey.

The first step should always be getting your foundation set on which to build your overall health. I have tools that we can utilize when working together in order to figure out where you are at now and where you need to be in order to gain the strongest foundation for your overall health and wellness.

Are you ready to take the leap with me? Or do you have more questions? Click the link above to get in touch so we can discuss your own personal situation!