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Do you ever think to yourself...

 "Are the personal care products I buy for our family really that bad for us? Could they really be causing the health issues we're experiencing?"

"Could this cleaner I've been using for years be causing these annoying symptoms I can't seem to get rid of and the doctors can't give me an answer for?"

"The foods and drinks we consume probably don't contain enough toxins to truly make us sick. They wouldn't be able to sell them if they did, right?!"

Well, my friend, you're in the right place! I've got a Toxin Tracker Quiz with your name on it!

Nice to meet you!

Hi, my name is Trish! I help women who want to provide a healthier living environment for their families navigate the confusing "natural," low-tox world by creating a simple, sustainable action plan for upgrading their products so that they have homes and, ultimately, better health and less symptoms.

I believe everyone has the ability to provide a cleaner environment for themselves and their family despite the overwhelm that I know, first hand, comes with the thought of switching out the products they are used to using.

I love showing women what’s possible with their health and wellness when they make just a few simple swaps to their personal care products, household products and their food & drink.

Imagine if, instead of giving in to the overwhelm and continuing to bring the toxins into your home, you had some simple tools you could use to clean up your family's environment one baby step at a time?!

What happens when we're exposed to too many toxins?

Our bodies were designed to cope with exposure to SOME toxins, but the toxic burden that most people are carrying is way more than our bodies can handle, which leads to symptoms like these. ➡️ And so many of these are brushed off as being "normal" simply because so many people are experiencing them....and that's because so many people are using products containing toxins!

I'm here to tell you these symptoms are NOT normal and you CAN put an end to so many of them if you give a little attention to the products you are using and consuming! I promise, it doesn't have to be overwhelming!

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The Toxin Tracker Quiz will be your first step to cleaning up your environment by showing you...

An overview of the toxic burden on your family's bodies.

Ideas of where toxins may be hiding so that you can begin taking a closer look.

As a Toxin Tracker Quiz participant, you'll also gain access to the Life Mindset Challenge. Because I get it! Just the thought of having to change things up is causing some fear and overwhelm!

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